I think it’s amazing that Marvel has a release date for a trailer. They’re so freaking popular right now that people are marking their calendars for three minutes of promo.

Okay half of your AOS spree came tonight. The other half you get tomorrow.

Sorry I can never make up my mind! But y’all still follow me anyway so that’s good. <3


Coulson: You can start telling me how to find Skye’s “dad”

Coulson: Note I’m using airquotes

Coulson: Because I am her real dad

Coulson: Now tell me where to find this asshole so I can murder him

“She’s amazing”
— Jemma Simmons about Bobbi Morse. With Bobbi standing right next to her. Whelp I’m gone (via randomthingsthatilike123)

"did hunter ever tell you stories about his she-devil ex-wife?"
"yeah, all the time…damn.”



Look at da baby!!

Billy Don’t Be A Hero - Paper Lace

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